Visa® Check Card

How do I get a Check Card?

You can get your check card by calling 1-888-936-8402 or stop by one of our select locations to receive your card instantly.

What is a Check Card?

First Heritage's Check Card is a payment option for members that functions like an electronic check when making purchases. It's one simple card that enhances the value of your share draft checking account and increases your point-of-sale capacity while saving you time and money.  Our VISA check cards are embedded with smart chip technology for extra security.

Why use a Check Card?

Because it lets you use money from your checking account without writing a check.

  • Faster and easier than writing checks.
  • Accepted where checks aren't.
  • Access your checking account with millions of Visa merchants all over the world.
  • Safer than carrying cash.
  • Embedded with smart chip technology
  • Saves you money — buy and use fewer checks.
  • It's an ATM Card, too!
  • Make secure and convenient purchases with Mobile Wallet

The Check Card is a fast and easy way to pay for everyday purchases. It offers the convenience of plastic versus carrying a bulky checkbook or a lot of cash. Whether you're running errands, buying groceries, shopping for clothes or dining out, you don't have the hassle of writing a check and presenting I.D. And, there's no worry that your Check Card won't be accepted or that you won't have enough cash in your wallet to cover the purchase.

It's an ATM Card, too.

Your First Heritage ATM/Check Card will give you access to the same ATM services you have grown to rely on. Withdraw cash, transfer balances, make inquiries and point-of-sale purchases.

You won't have to carry two cards around with you either. Your ATM/Check Card combines the many benefits and uses of an ATM card with the ability to pay for goods or services wherever you see the Visa logo displayed...all with one card.

When given a choice, always select "credit".

When using your Check Card in a grocery store, or anywhere you will be required to swipe the card yourself, you will be given various choices (ATM, debit, credit, etc.) to select. This does not mean the purchase will be processed as a credit transaction, but it ensures that the Check Card will be processed like a check instead of an ATM card.

Lost or stolen Check Card

Click here to report a lost or stolen Visa Check Card, or call toll free 1-800-682-6075.

Instant Issue Service

The instant issue debit and credit card service offers First Heritage Federal Credit Union members the purchasing power of VISA right away.  Cards are printed on demand at our offices located in Painted Post, Elmira Heights or Wellsboro. For more information call toll free 800-833-3338.