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Effective September 1, 2017

Standard Credit Union services are generally provided at little or no cost to the member. However, to offset the cost of certain specialized services, a fee is charged in the following instances.
 Account Services
Computer transfer to share draft account: $2.00/occurrence
Money order: $2.00 each
Stop payment on money order: $15.00/request
Copy of money order: $1.50 each
Statements are free, additional copies mailed $2.00/statement 
Credit Union check under $1,000: $2.00/check
Stop payment on Credit Union check: $15.00/request
Check withdrawal by phone: $3.00/check (no fee for First Line Online Banking)
Returned mail: $5.00/return
Deposit account closed within 3 months: $5.00
Gift Cards: $3.50 each
Foreign Cash Letter Item: $10.00/item
Foreign Collection Item: $25.00/item
A $50.00 processing fee will be imposed on any restraints, levies, executions and notices of attachments received by the Credit Union from a third party as a result of legal action.  First Heritage will impose this fee except to the extent prohibited by law.

ACH overdraft fee: $30.00/occurrence
ACH stop payment fee: $15.00/request
 Visa Credit Card/Check Card
Visa® Credit Card late payment fee: $25.00
Copy of Visa® Credit Card statement: $5.00/statement
Replacement of a lost or stolen Visa® card: $5.00/card
Retrieval of Visa draft (charge slip): $15.00/retrieval
Visa Check Card overdraft (not sufficient funds): $30.00/overdraft

 Share Draft Account
Stop payment of a share draft: $15.00/draft
Stop payment of a share draft online: $10.00/draft
Copy of a share draft: $1.50/copy
Faxed copy of a share draft: $3.00/copy
Certified draft: $10.00/draft
Returned share draft drawn on FHFCU: $30.00/draft
Returned share draft drawn on other financial institutions: $30.00/draft
First Pay overdraft fee: $30.00/draft (first occurrence within a six-month period is free)
Account reconciliation (no charge for the first time): $10.00/hour
Share draft protest fee: $10.00/protest
First Choice checking account maintenance fee: $5.00/month

 Share Account
Service charge on single service accounts under $100.00: $1.00/month

Fee to transfer a First Heritage Federal Credit Union IRA to another financial institution: $15.00

Internet Bill Payment
Gift Checks: $2.99 each | Donation Checks: $1.99 each
Expedited Payments: $19.95 Over night delivery | $14.95 Second day delivery
Bill payment service may be cancelled if no usage for three months
Bill payment ACH overdraft fee of $30.00/occurrence
Bill payment stop payment fee: $15.00/request
Bill payment check copy fee: $1.50/request

Late fee: any loan payment delinquent over 25 days: $10.00
Mortgage late fee: for payments more than 15 days late, a late charge of 2% (NY) or 4% (PA) of the monthly payment amount will be charged
Loan payment made via credit/debit card online: $10.00
Loan payment made via credit/debit card over the phone: $15.00
Skip a Payment: $20.00
Mortgage subordination fee: $200.00
Mortgage gas/lease subordination fee: $500.00

 Wire Transfer
Outgoing wire transfers to other financial institutions: $20.00 
Outgoing International wire transfers: $45.00

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No Check Or Deposit Fees
No Check or Deposit Fees