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SMART LineSM Telephone Banking

Enjoy convenient 24-hour telephone access to your accounts

There's a personal teller right in your home or office who can help you make fast, easy account transactions any time day or night. SMART Line gives you convenient, 24-hour access to your accounts right over the phone.

Now accessing your account is as easy as calling a friend — and it's absolutely FREE! Plus, it saves you valuable time and gives you complete control over your money at all times.

How to use the SMART Line

(Service for Members through Audio Response Technology)

If you have never used SMART Line before, you will need to call one of our offices so that we can set up your audio access and have you create your confidential PIN.

  1. Call 936-8402, using a touch-tone telephone only. Outside our local calling area, call toll-free 1-888-936-8402.
  2. The voice will instruct you to press 1 for SMART Line, then ask you to enter your account number followed by the # sign, then your PIN number followed by the # sign.
  3. The SMART Line voice will now ask you for a service code, followed by the # sign. (See the codes below.)

The SMART Line has two interaction modes

You will be in the Expert mode when you call the SMART Line for the first time. If you would like to use the Menu mode and be prompted through your transaction, press 91# when the SMART Line asks you to enter a service code. The Menu mode will prompt you through each entry. (To switch back to the Expert mode, choose "Additional Options" and follow the Help mode instructions.)

Service Codes for the Expert Mode

Balance Inquiries
  • Share Draft Checking Balance 10#
  • All Other Share Account Balances 20#;
    • Asks for account ID number:
      • Share Savings 00#
      • Money Manager 01#
      • Christmas/Holiday Club 90#
      • Vacation Club 70#
      • IDs for Share Certificates and IRAs may vary. Choose Open Share Account list (service code 40#) for a complete list.
  • Loan Balance (including VISA®) 30#
  • Open Loan List 31#; Lists all Loans, along with their IDs and balances.
  • Open Share Account List 40#; Lists all share accounts, their IDs and balances
Share Draft Checking Information
  • Share Draft Checking Balance 10#
  • Recent Share Draft Clearance 11#; Lists share drafts (checks) that have cleared along with dates they were cleared.
  • Specific Share Draft Clearance 12#; Asks for share draft (check) number, then tells amount of draft and the date it cleared (posted).
  • Stop Payment 13#
  • Share Draft Copies 14#
Transfers and Withdrawals
  • Transfer from Account to Account 21#
    • Option 1: Transfers within your account (includes all share IDs within the same account number).
    • Option 2: Transfer to another account (authorization required).
  • Transfer from Account to Loan 22#
  • Withdraw from Account 23#; Issues a Credit Union share draft check payable to the primary member, mailed the following business day-$25 minimum.
Loan Information (including VISA®)
  • Loan Balance 30#
  • Open Loan List 31#
  • Loan Payment 32#
  • Loan Payoff 33#
  • Recent Loan Payments 34#
History Inquiries
  • Last Payroll Deposit 52#
  • Account History 53#
  • Deposit History 54#
  • Loan History 55#
  • Recent ATM Transactions 56#
  • Dividends 57#
  • Interest 58#
  • IRA Contributions 59#
Other Transactions
  • Change Audio PIN Number 90#
  • Change from Expert Mode to Menu Mode 91#
  • Help 92#
  • Transfer to Operator 93#
  • New Account Number 95#
  • Debit Card History 96#
  • Recent POS Transactions 97#
  • To End Call 99#
Your accounts each have an ID number
  • Share Savings: 00#
  • Money Manager: 01#
  • Youth Share Savings: 03#
  • Escrow Savings: 06#
  • Vacation Club: 70#
  • Share Draft Checking: 80#
  • Christmas/Holiday Club: 90#

ID numbers for Share Certificates and IRAs may vary. For a complete list of your Share Accounts, their IDs and balances, choose Open Share Account list (service code 40#).

Tips for using the SMART Line
  • The SMART Line may be accessed using a touch-tone phone only.
  • Be sure to press the # sign after all entries in the Expert mode.
  • Enter all dollar amounts to the penny with no punctuation. For example, $123.45 would be entered as 12345#
  • Press 99# when you are done using the SMART Line.
  • Protect your Audio PIN Number; don't give it out to anyone.