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Real Members, Real Stories

We have had the pleasure to serve our communities and from countless life-long relationships with our members. Here we will be sharing our members' personal and business success stories.

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Marshall Ferrari Mortgage Testimonial
Marshall Ferrari

"I was in a tough situation and First Heritage was there for me. I couldn't recommend First Heritage enough to anyone that is looking to buy a home..."

Jessica Mortgage Testimonial
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Home Equity & Mortgage Member

"My first impression of First Heritage is that I was impressed how easy it was to work with them... the process was basically seamless."
Christina and Brian Mortgage Testimonial
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First-time Homeowners

"It was so nice knowing that we had someone helping us and not just feeling like we had to fight for ourselves."
Photo of Andrew and Nicole Cleary
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Owners of Little Boomer's Burrito Bar
"First Heritage was great from the beginning, that personal touch...The very first meeting, the loan officer came here while we were still doing renovations. We could tell First Heritage was special."
Henry headshot
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Executive Director, Wellsboro Chamber of Commerce

"The staff is phenomenal, they will do anything they can to help you...They made the purchase of my home seamless."
Richards headshot

"The biggest thing is the employees. They're so kind and helpful and easy to work with."

Caracci headshot
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Habitat for Humanity
"First Heritage is a very community based organization. That model has been really important to us and has helped us build more homes and serve more families." 
Cantando headshot
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Business Member
"First Heritage has been a rock for me. They saw our vision for growth and I think it's great that we had such wonderful support behinds us to fulfill our vision and keep growing."
Keenan and Kaitlin posing for a photo
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First-time Homeowners
"One great thing about working with First Heritage was that we knew so little but they were never afraid to help us through the whole
Jesse and Laura Robinson
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Owners of Emerge & La Belle Auberge
"I was just surprised how easy it (PPP) have that piece taken care of for us was amazing." 
Michele Ensminger standing in the door of her store
Owner of Be You-tiful Boutique 

"There's so many different levels to First Heritage. Out of the whole entire thing (opening a business) the business loan was probably the easiest."

We have many more stories from our members that we are excited to share! Please continue to check back as we will be continuing to release more member testimonials in the upcoming weeks.