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Disaster Recovery

While no one can predict when a  disaster might strike, we assure you that First Heritage will do everything in our power to keep you informed and accommodate your needs.
Safeguarding Your Money
Whether it’s an act of terrorism, a pandemic event or natural disaster, a financial institution has to be able to safeguard your money and be operational so you can access it with as little downtime as possible. That’s why First Heritage has implemented a comprehensive disaster recovery plan and recovery partnerships to ensure your funds are protected and available.

Should an emergency cause some disruption in our service, it is the goal of the Credit Union’s Disaster Recovery Team to make sure First Heritage is fully operational within a 24-hour period. If needed, our plan calls for the establishment of a temporary site so you can conduct business with us. In addition, online services, share drafts, debit cards, credit cards and ACH transactions will remain functional.

If a disaster is declared, you will be kept up to date on the latest information by tuning to any of these local broadcast television or radio stations: WETM, WENY, WENY2, WLVY, WINK 106, WOKN, and WNBT. You will also be able to check our website at for the latest updates as they become available. All resources will be used to instruct you on how and where you can make financial transactions.

For more information call toll free 800-833-3338 or stop by any branch.