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Financial Champions

Help your students get started on their financial journey.

Christy in the Classroom.

Meet Christy

Marketing/ Community Specialist

At First Heritage, we are committed to helping the youth in our community get started on their financial education journey. Throughout the school year, Christy visits several schools to help with conducting mock interviews, career days, teaching and so much more. Christy can also help develop a specific curriculum to meet the needs of your students.

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Financial Champions

Financial Champions is a program dedicated to educate students on the basics of financial literacy. Below are a list of different topics we are able to bring to your school:
  • Understanding Your Finances
  • About Credit
    • Credit Report
    • Credit Scores
    • Debit vs. Credit
    • Loan Procedures
  • Banking Basics
    • Fraud ATM Card
    • Checking for Skimmers
  • Spend, Save & Give
    • How You Can Earn Money
    • What You Can Do With Your Money
  • Game of Life: Budgeting Lesson

Mock Interviews

First Heritage visits several schools throughout the school year to help conduct mock interviews. Our goal is to help these student learn professional skills as well as helping them gain the life skill of interviewing.

Winfield Scholar-Roos

Throughout the school year Christy visits Winfield Elementary School multiple times to read to their classrooms. Each visit, Christy brings a book for each kid to bring home to read again and again.

Career Days

First Heritage will visit schools for their career days and educate students on the different careers at a financial institution. 
Christy presenting financial champions at Hornell High School
Financial Champions at Hornell High School
Winfield Scholar-roos
Severn Elementary School
Christy reading at Westfield Elementary School.
Westfield Career Day