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Bill Pay

Paying your bills just got faster, easier and more secure.

Easy - Convenient - Secure and Free!

Our Free Bill Payment service allows you to pay your bills automatically each month and is more secure than having your payment automatically deducted by your payee. You can even send a payment to a friend and all you need is their email address.

More Secure

Unfortunately, it's all too common today to hear about a security breach at a company that has our card information on file. You know the drill; your card has been compromised so you have to get a new card and update it with all of your payees that deduct your payment automatically each month.

You Are In Control

With FREE online Bill Payment you are in control. You set-up the payments yourself and the payee never gets your account information; so you won't have to worry that your card number will be compromised. You control the payments. If you cancel your account with a payee you will never have to worry that they will continue to charge your card.

No More Late Payments

Plus, you can pay anyone automatically. Even if your payee doesn't have the ability to deduct your payment automatically each month you can still use Bill Payment to automatically send them a check on a recurring schedule that you control. You can even set-up a recurring payment to another person, and all you need is their email address. 

Faster, Easier, and Less Expensive

Paying your bills has never been faster, less expensive, and more secure. No more purchasing checks, stamps, or envelopes. No more late payments. No more wasting time paying bills. You can do all of this, without giving out your account information to each payee. 

Get Started Today

Ready to start saving time and money by paying your bills securely online? Login to your account and click the 'bill payment' button or choose 'pay a bill' from our mobile app.