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Fee Schedule

Effective August 2022

Standard Credit Union services are generally provided at little or no cost to the member. However, to offset the cost of certain specialized services, a fee is charged in the following instances.

Specialized Service Fees

Abandoned Property: $100.00
Account balancing (per hour-no charge first time): $20.00
Automatic transfer to cover share draft account: $3.00
Cashier's Check under $1,000.00: $5.00
Certified draft: $10.00
Check protest fee: $20.00
Copy of share draft, money order, cashier's check: $1.50
Debit or credit card replacement: $10.00
Deposit account closed within three months: $5.00
Dormant account fee (per quarter): $20.00
First Pay overdraft (ACH, draft, money order-first occurrence within 6 months free): $30.00
Foreign Cash Letter Item: $10.00
Foreign Collection Item: $25.00
Inactivity fee (per quarter): $20.00
IRA transfer to another financial institution: $25.00
Late fee (delinquent over 25 days): $10.00
Loan payment made via credit/debit card online: $10.00
Loan payment made via credit/debit card phone: $15.00
Mortgage gas/lease subordination fee: $500.00
Money order: $3.00
Mortgage subordination fee: $200.00
Overdraft Fee/NSF (ACH,draft,debit): $30.00
Retrieval of a VISA draft (charge slip): $15.00
Returned mail: $5.00
Returned share draft: $30.00
Skip a Payment: $25.00
Statement Copy (Member, VISA or Mortgage): $5.00
Stop payment fee (ACH,draft,money order): $30.00
Stop payment of a share draft online: $10.00
VISA credit card late payment fee: $25.00
Wire transfers to other financial institutions (outgoing): $20.00
Wire transfers (international): $45.00

Internet Bill Payment

Bill payment ACH overdraft fee: $30.00
Donation Check: $1.99
Gift Check: $2.99
Expedited Payments (Next Business Day Check Delivery): $34.95
Expedited Payments (Second Business Day Check Delivery): $29.95
Expedited Payments (Second Business Day Electronic Delivery): $6.95
Mortgage late fee: for payments more than 15 days late, a late charge of 2% (NY) or 4% (PA) of the monthly payment amount will be charged.

A $50.00 processing fee will be imposed on any restraints, levies, executions, and notices of attachments received by the Credit Union from a third party as a result of legal action. First Heritage will impose this fee except to the extent prohibited by law.