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Travel Accident Insurance

Travel With Accident Protection

When you purchase your airline ticket with your covered First Heritage Platinum card you can receive $250,000 of accidental death and dismemberment coverage. This coverage applies to more than travel – it also can be in place when you have used your covered First Heritage Platinum card to purchase your ticket for travel via other forms of eligible transportation, such as a ferry, cruise ship, train or bus.

Coverage includes courtesy ground transportation to and from the airport (or train depot, bus terminal, etc.) and between terminals and while you are at the airport immediately before departure, or immediately after arrival on any covered trip.

Questions About Coverage?

To ask a question or make a claim, please contact the Plan Administrator, cbsi, 550 Mamaroneck Ave., Harrison, NY 10528.

Please keep in mind you will want to read the full Terms and Conditions provided in your Guide to Benefits for further details including restrictions, limitations and exclusions. In order for coverage to apply, you must use your covered First Heritage Platinum card to secure transactions.


The Most Commonly Asked Questions About The Benefit:

Q: Who is covered under the program?

A: First Heritage Platinum cardholders and their dependents are covered when their tickets are purchased with your covered First Heritage Platinum card.

Q: How does the benefit work?

A: Payment of accidental death and dismemberment benefits are provided if you are injured while riding as a fare-paying passenger in, or getting on or off, a flight or other common carrier for which a ticket was purchased using your covered First Heritage Platinum card. If you are injured in a covered accident and suffer any of the losses shown in the schedule of covered losses below, you may receive the benefit amount shown for that loss.

Loss Maximum % of Benefit
Life 100%
Both hands or both feet 100%
Sight of both eyes 100%
One hand and one foot 100%
Speech and hearing 100%
One hand or one foot and the sight of one eye 100%
One hand or one foot 50%
Sight of one eye 50%
Speech or hearing 50%
Thumb and index finger on the same hand 25%

Q: How does Travel Accident work if I have other coverage?

A: This benefit is paid to you regardless of other coverage you may have.

 Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply. In order for coverage to apply you must use your covered card to secure transactions.