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New and improved features:
Improved Navigation
You now have access to all of your account balances, transaction history, mobile deposits (and so much more!) right from the app's dashboard. Swipe through the account cards to view your balances, take a quick look at your most recent transactions, make a quick transfer or deposit a check all from the same screen! Did we mention that you can now SEARCH your transaction history? No more scrolling through tons of recent activity trying to find a specific transaction!
There's no need to sign out! Simply closing the app or navigating to a different app will lock your account and secure your information! Simply enter your personal 4-digit passcode or use your Touch/Face ID to re-gain access the next time you open the app!
Card Management
You now have the ability to turn your card on/off with the flip of a switch! Did you leave your card at the restaurant? Lose your card on the weekend? You no longer need to call to deactivate your card! Simply turn the card off using the Card Management feature in our new app! Log into your account and select Accounts from the menu, select the account associated with the lost card and choose Card Management. It's that easy! Simply turn the toggle switch to OFF and you can have peace of mind that your accounts are safe.
View Pending Deposits
You no longer need to log into the full website! View your pending deposits right along with your pending debit and credit card transactions within your transaction history!
Push Notifications and Deposit Alerts
You may allow notifications to be sent to you letting you know when deposits are scheduled to post to your account or when balances fall below certain limits that you establish!
improved security
When accessing the new app for the first time (or any time you complete a FULL sign out), you will be required to set-up your personal information for security purposes. During this set-up you will be asked to provide your mobile phone number. You will then receive a verification code via text message that must be entered in order to gain access to your account.
*For members who share their account and login credentials with another individual (child, spouse, etc.):
Only ONE phone number will be obtained per account. If there is another individual on your account and they login FIRST entering THEIR phone number, THEIR phone number will be the one on file for your account going forward.
What does this mean for you? When you complete your initial login you will be required to enter a verification code. Since the other individual completed their initial login before you and entered their phone number, your verification code will be sent to THEIR phone number. It is important that you are in contact with this person in order to obtain the verification code for you to complete your initial login. After completing your initial login and set-up you can log in simply using your personal 4-digit passcode or Touch/Face ID. The only instance a verification code is required is when you are logging in for the first time using the new app or any time you complete a FULL sign out (using the sign out option located within the menu, which is NOT necessary).

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